Household appliances



Germany is famous for its electronic, refrigeration industries with such famous brands as SIEMENS, BOSCH, AEG, MIELE, as well as household appliance brands familiar to Vietnamese consumers such as WMF, ZWILLING, SERVERIN, etc.


In addition to that, A&V is also partner of small and medium consumer product manufacturers, thus we can ensure to provide Your Esteemed Company with MADE IN GERMANY products whose prices are suitable for Vietnamese consumers’ financial conditions.


Should Your Esteemed Company be interested in those products, we are glad to serve devotedly and attentively.


Products which have already been imported into Vietnam:

  • Electric household appliances, especially for kitchens such as table grinders, portable grinders, versatile kitchen machines, etc.
  • Electronic stoves with affordable prices.
  • Pot kit for electronic stoves with affordable prices.
  • All of the above products shall be in private labels for our partners.