For EU Partners


Vietnam is among the list of countries which enjoy preferential import tax in Europe. As such goods exported from Vietnam to Germany or to Europe shall enjoy a much more preferential tax than other countries. Purpose of implementing such preferential tax for developing countries is to create an opportunity for the goods exchange between Asia and Europe to be more developed. In comparison to other countries, the incentive level may be lower than 3.5%. Such products as fabrics could be up to 20%, and even with some special tax it could be up to 30%  lower than from other countries.



We – a company based in Germany with Vietnamese origin, are confident that we have extensive knowledge on Vietnamese market as well as be able to develop a network of reliable and high-standard partners for Your Esteemed Company in every aspect as well as product. From this network we shall connect Your Esteemed Company to the most suitable partner with a most satisfactory product.

Should Your Esteemed Company wish to look for a partner or product in Vietnam, in order to import goods into Germany or Europe, we are pleased to cooperate with Your Esteemed Company. Please contact us as soon as possible, so that your project could achieve desired goals.



Such Vietnamese products that are popular:

-       Hand-made products from rattan, water hyacinth, etc.

-       Tropical vegetables and fruits, etc.

-       Fabrics…

-       Seafood products