With the support from modernized machines, German Agricultural/Forestry Sector is highly developed, with more than half of the country’s area (52.4% of 357,125 km2) is dedicated to the agriculture, equivalent to 16.8 million hectares, thus not only it could adequately meet the domestic needs but also be able to provide to countries with needs. German agricultural – forestry products not only meet the European health, hygiene and food safety standards but also that due to modernization by machines, such products are brought to markets with reasonable prices.


With a careful selection of goods suitable for tastes and consumption capabilities of Vietnamese people, A&V is greatly delightful for being successful in advising its partners on potential products. In addition to the products which have been imported into Vietnam by us, it is A&V’s great pleasure to serve Your Esteemed Company with new product lines according to specific requests and wishes of each partner.


Food products which have already been imported into Vietnam:

  • Baby milk & powdered food.
  • Cooking oil, olive oil, walnut oil,
  • Various types of pork Lard for restaurants and households.
  • Grain products.