Germany is one of the leading countries in quality of consumer products, especially chemical products. As such, most of the cosmetic/ chemical corporations are based on Germany such as: Henkel & Schwarzkopf, several top cosmetic store chains in Germany and Europe such as DM, Rossmann, Müller, etc.


Such corporations provide a wide range of high quality products whose prices are even lower than those in Asian markets (such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese products) and American ones.


In addition to reputable global corporations, on German market there are also numerous cosmetic and chemical companies and manufacturers whose scales are from small to medium, all of them are suitable for Vietnamese market and partners, thus Vietnamese import enterprises shall also have an opportunity to contact those manufacturers in order to have products with their own labels (Private Label).


With many-year experiences in providing chemical and cosmetic products to Vietnamese market, A&V is confident that we can find partners that are most suitable for Your Esteemed Company’s purposes and development trend.

Products which have already been imported into Vietnam:

  • Hair care products
  • Body care products
  • Beauty products
  • Cleaning products for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Laundry Detergent.