1. General introduction:

Established in 2010, A&V Import-Export Co., Ltd. – located in the industrial City Hanau – Hessen– Germany – has always been promoting the potential of economic/goods exchanges between Germany , EU and Asia.

After many years of experiences in establishment and development, A&V has gained remarkable achievements in goods export, especially cosmetic products, household appliances, food with German and European qualities to Asia, hence constantly promoting its relations with Europe-leading companies and corporations in order to provide Asian Companies long-standing and reliable partners with high-quality products which meet the EU standards and have reasonable prices.


2. Vision:

A&V relentlessly strives and develops in order to become one of the most reliable adress in Germany and Europe in the import-export of goods /services with Asia.


3. Mission:

A&V commits to provide good quality products throughout the world with reasonable prices, so that Asian consumer could be truly rest-assured when using them (Export).

In addition to that, we also introduce Asian high quality products to consumers throughout the world, especially in German and European consumers. (Import).


4. Core values:

Genuine quality: We always make every effort to bring to Vietnamese consumers products and services with the best quality, meeting EU standards.

Sincerity: A&V always put the highest priority to Sincerity and Honesty in its relations with every partner, strive to maintain a permanent, stable cooperation relationship based on Faith to grow together with our partners.

Devotion: We always try our best to provide customer care in the most dedicated and thoughtful manner possible, accompany the customers in every path, in every difficulty throughout the cooperation process in order to help them to achieve their desired goals and to ensure their most satisfaction.